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Hot Guys Named Christian

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Hot Guys Named Christian- Celebrating Hotness
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Well, I noticed something a while back. Seems like there are a bevy of hot men named Christian (or any alternate spelling thereof). So, I've decided to create a community where we can come together and squee as one! Please note: this community has nothing to do with Christians as a religious group or the religion itself. Just the name as applied to really hot men. After all, I dated a Jewish boy named Kristian. Go fig. Anyway, this community will be like every other fan community. Here are the rules and regulations:

1. Please feel free to post pictures of hot guys whose real or screen names are Christian (or any alternate spelling). For example, you can post a picture of Julian McMahon who plays Christian Troy on Nip/Tuck and of course you can post a picture of Christian Bale, or Christian Slater, etc.

2. When posting pictures NO HOTLINKING!!! You will be banned from the community. Upload the picture to your own server and then post it. Also, credit the source of the picture please by posting a link to the main page should it be from a fan page. All pictures behind an LJ-cut.

3. Open to everyone, male or female. No judging on people's choices. If you don't like that particular character or actor, don't respond. Let's keep it nice. :)

If I've forgotten to list one a HGNC, please let me know and I will add them.

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