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Hot Guys Named Christian

Jan. 19th, 2005

03:55 pm

Wow, a community for hot guys named Christian! Awesome! Although Christian Bale is my favorite, I like a lot of them. Before I found this community, this is what I wrote in my journal (not lj):

Christian Bale is SO hot. All guys named Christian are, aren’t they?

Hahaha. (Yes, I'm fangirly even in my private journal, pathetic huh ;)

I've got some suggestions: Christian from Moulin Rouge (as played by Ewan McGregor) and Christian Lorenz (a.k.a. Flake) from the band Rammstein, if you like the geeky types here's a picture of himCollapse ). My sister even has a really hot friend named Christian. . . they're everywhere. ;)

here, have some Christian Bale :DCollapse )

The Christian Bale picture is from this site and sadly I can not remember where I got the Flake one. :/

Dec. 14th, 2004

09:29 pm - Welcome!

Well, if you look at the bio for the community, you'll know why I started it. But, I'll summarize. There are a lot of hot guys named Christian (or whatever spelling). I've noticed this for a few years now. So, I decided to create a community for all us fangirls and fanboys who feel the same way. Here, you're welcomed to squee over your particular HGNC to your heart's content and have others squee with you. Post pictures, links, info, anything directly related to any HGNC (see the comm. bio for rules on picture posting). Okay, I'll start with my favorite!


Christian CoulsonCollapse )

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